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Volvo collaborates with IISc for enhanced research in Indian automotive industry

Dec 12, 2016, Times of India

BENGALURU: The Indian Institute of Science has signed a memorandum of understanding with Volvo Group India to enhance research in the field of transportation and automobiles. The Volvo Group Trucks Technology (GTT) which is the research wing of Volvo will embark on research into automotive technologies for the future, along with IISc.

The MoU will be for a period of five years and will see the collaboration covering a wide range of automotive technologies. The research will primarily focus on trucks which could further extend to buses, construction equipment and marine applications.
The MoU leverages Volvo's experience in the transportation sector, with knowledge generation of IISc, to contribute to the society at large. "This MoU is a significant event to foster strong linkage between Volvo and IISc which is mutually beneficial with an aim to transform the landscape of transportation for societal benefit," said Prof. Hari.

The Volvo group has also collaborated with institutions across the world like Penn State University in the US, INSA in France, and Malardalen University and the University of Skovde in Sweden.

"Our transport solution products are amongst the best in the world. This means engineers and technologists are our focal point in order to understand vehicle systems, design, testing and develop the next generation of products and services for the transport and infrastructure industries," said Dr. Jan-Ove Ostensen, VP Advanced Technology & Research, Volvo Group.

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